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How to renew your CRNM | RNM (RNE) in 6 steps

The CRNM is the National Migration Registry Portfolio - also popularly known as "Foreigner's Registry", it is the most important document in the life of a migrant who wishes to live in Brazil. The CRNM has a personal identification code called Registro Nacional Migratório (RNM, former RNE).

The process of renewal of the CRNM | RNM (RNE) is done in person with date and time scheduled at the Federal Police that serves your region - with the exception of cases of migration based on work, these are carried out on the MigranteWeb platform (

In this article we will deal with how to renew your CRNM | RNM (former RNE) in 6 steps.

Which Federal Police unit serves my region?

Access, clique em seu estado. Aparecerão diversas delegacias da PF que tratam de várias assuntos, por isso busque (Ctrl + F) por “imigração”.

Captura de tela do site da Polícia Federal que mostra regiões e delegacias que tratam de assuntos de imigração após busca no site.

When should I renew my RNM | RNE? The RNM | RNE renewal request must be made 90 days before the expiration. Avoid becoming irregular.

Step 1: Check the legal basis on which your RNM/ RNE was granted.

That information is described on the back of your CRNM. Search Google for the legal basis and you will find the relevant legislation. If in doubt, write to us at or here in the comments we will reply.

Parte de trás de uma CRNM, onde está localizada a informação de em qual base legal que seu RNM/RNE foi concedido.

Step 2: Gather all necessary documents

The documents required for its renewal will depend on the legal basis on which your CRNM was granted (step 1).

However, they are the same documents requested in the issue of the 1st copy of the RNM | RNE. If you have any doubts or don't remember, you need to search the website of the Federal Police for the necessary documents.

Access Documentos necessários para registro — Polícia Federal, you can view the documents required for each legal basis to obtain the RNM | RNE.

Below are the most common:

Step 3: Fill in the CRNM renewal/replacement form

Fill in this form SISMIGRA 1.60.4 with great care, wrong information will delay your process and may lead to rejection (not acceptance).

At the end of this form, you will receive the acceptance code (código de aceitação). We will use it in step 5.

Captura de tela da área para preencher formulário de renovação/substituição da CNRM, no site da Polícia Federal

Step 4: Pay Union Collection Guide fees - GRU

In the checklist (step 2), it is described which STN revenue codes are necessary for your RNM renewal request. The renewal of the RNM of most legal bases is linked to two GRUs, so you must fill out the form twice (one for each STN).

The completion of the field "STN Revenue Code" will depend on the legal basis on which your RNM | RNE was granted (1st step). It is necessary to have a lot of attention at this moment.

Payment can be made at any bank, lottery or post office.

Access it via the link: Guia de Recolhimento da União - GRU

ATTENTION: the cases of HUMANITARIAN WELCOME and REFUGEES are not charged Union Collection Guides - GRU.

Two examples of where to find the STN CODE:

Lista de documentos necessários para renovar a RNM

Step 5: Scheduling on the website of the Federal Police

This is the most complicated stage due to site instability. The mallet is to try periods with less movement like late at night or early in the morning. It is necessary to have a little patience, but keep trying that you can.

Captura de tela da página de agendamento da Polícia Federal

Step 6: attend the appointment with the Federal Police

The day and time have come scheduled to go to the PF, let's take it easy.

Take the following documents:

  • all the necessary documents for your application gathered in the 2nd step. If anything is missing, PF will not accept your request. Pay close attention, it's really anything;

  • the union collection guides (GRUs) paid for the 4th step. Take the printed proof of payment. It is useless to show it on your mobile phone.

  • proof of the stamped agendas from the 5th step.

  • take it easy. The request for renewal of your RNM | RNE is your right. We know that attending the Federal Police and the lack of clear understanding of the process generate a lot of anxiety. Take a deep breath and don't worry. Renewal of your RNM is the right of every migrant.

We hope that you have facilitated the understanding of the process of renewal of the RNM | RNE. If you need help, please write to us at


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