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New residency authorization (RNM/RNE) based on remote work. How to be a digital nomad in Brazil?

Seeking to adapt to the new work trends, the Brazilian government published the CNIG resolution #45 on January 24, 2022, which provides for the new modality of residence permit. This is the situation in which migrants work remotely for foreign employers and wish to reside in Brazil. Popularly, people who reside in other countries in this way are called digital nomads. In this article we will talk about this new modality, who can apply, and what are the characteristics of the residence.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining the digital nomad's residency?

  1. Statement from the applicant (migrant | foreigner) attesting the ability to perform his professional activities remotely

  2. Work or service contract or other documents proving the link with the foreign employer

  3. Monthly income equal to or higher than US$ 1,500 (~US$ 8,200) OR proof of a financial reserve of at least US$ 18,000 (~US$ 99,000).

What documents are required to be a digital nomad in Brazil?

To apply for this new modality of residence, the foreigner must present the following documents:

  1. valid travel document or other document that proves his identity and nationality

  2. health insurance valid in the national territory;

  3. proof of payment of consular fees;

  4. completed visa application form (if the foreigner is outside Brazil) or application form on the Migrante Web platform (if already in Brazil);

  5. proof of means of transport entering the national territory;

  6. certificate of criminal record issued by the country of origin or, at the discretion of the consular authority and according to the peculiarities of the country where the visa has been requested, an equivalent document;

  7. GRU (Single Federal Tax Payment Form) for the processing and evaluation fee for residence authorization applications with the respective proof of payment (if the migrant is already in Brazil);

  8. documents proving the condition of digital nomad, remembering that the company that is linked to the foreigner MUST BE OUTSIDE of Brazil.

How to prove remote working status to be a digital nomad?

To prove the remote work condition, the legislation presents some documents that are mandatory:

  1. statement by the foreigner proving that he can perform his professional activities remotely;

  2. employment contract or service agreement, or other documents proving the link with the foreign employer;

  3. proof of a monthly salary equal to or higher than US$ 1,500 (~US$ 8,200) OR proof of a financial reserve of at least US$ 18,000 (~US$ 99,000).

What is the residency period (RNM expiration date) for the digital nomad?

The term or validity of the residence foreseen in the digital nomad modality will be up to 1 year, and can be renewed upon presentation of the documents proving that the foreigner still exercises a certain function and the criminal record certificate or equivalent document, issued by the competent judicial authority where he has resided during the temporary residence permit.

Attention migrants!

If it is found, at any time, the omission of relevant information or the falsity of the statement in the procedure governed by this Resolution, the process of cancellation of the residence permit provided for in art. 136 of Decree No. 9,199 of 2017 will be initiated, without prejudice to the adoption of other legal measures of civil and criminal liability applicable.

Excellent news for those of you who are working remotely! If you have any questions or would like professional assistance with this residency application, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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