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Casamento M.W. Consultoria para Migrações

Marriage Formalization

Marriage is the relationship between two people that is characterized as a public, continuous, and lasting coexistence and that has the objective of forming a family.


It is carried out at the Civil Registry Office, in a process that begins with the couple's qualification through document analysis and publication of the marriage proclamations in the local press or on the registry office's bulletin board. The officialization of the union is carried out by a justice of peace, in the presence of witnesses.

See what steps are needed to enter into your legal marriage!

1) Enter the paperwork at the notary. The first step is to go to the Civil Registry Office and apply for a marriage license. Preliminary formalities are: A) Applying for authorization of the marriage. B) Organize the publication and distribution of the respective public marriage notice. C) The registration of the notice

2) Schedule a date for the ceremony. With everything ready, time to schedule the date.

3) Validate the “I do.”

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