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Vistos familiares M.W. Consultoria para Migrações viper

Familial Visas
VIPER (permanent visas)

Globalization encourages the displacement of economic resources and facilitates human mobility.

It is increasingly common to find families made up of more than one nationality. However, to ensure permanent status for the family, it is necessary to be aware of the rights of the immigrant. The legislation pertaining to these concessions is Interministerial Ordinance No. 12, of June 13, 2018. Naturally, each category contains its specifics, but don't worry! Every process starts with understanding your life story together with document analysis.

Vistos familiares M.W. Consultoria para Migrações

Family Reunion


The family member “CALLING”: The Brazilian (or immigrant who already has a residency permit) with whom the current applicant for a residency permit wishes to have a family reunion.

The familiar “NAME”: Is the current applicant for the residence permit who wants family reunion with a Brazilian (or with an immigrant who is already a beneficiary of a residence permit).

Validity: Definitive (temporary or permanent).

Vistos familiares M.W. Consultoria para Migrações filho brasileiro

A Foreigner That Has a Brazilian Child


A foreigner who has a child with a Brazilian that has legal custody of the child or a minor and economic dependence is proven.

Validity: Granted until the child’s economic emancipation (24 years old).

Extension: Extension of stay for a child is granted in cases where economic dependence is proven even after the child is 24 years of age.

Vistos familiares M.W. Consultoria para Migrações

Permanent Status Based on a Marriage or Stable Union


Applicable to a foreigner who has a stable relationship with a Brazilian or another foreigner who has remained in Brazil.


The stable union does not extend to the financial dependents of the foreigner. In this case, it is necessary that a permanent status based on a Marriage or Stable Union is granted. Then the foreigner may request the permanence for their dependent based on Family Reunion. 

Validity period: If you enter Brazil with a stable union visa, the validity period is 2 years. If the process is carried out with the applicant within the country, the validity is not defined.

Extension: Undefined.

Every process starts with understanding your life story together with document analysis.  We follow each phase of the process with high transparency and we accompany all our clients from Rio de Janeiro to the Federal Police.

In addition, MW Consultoria provides full support in requesting and obtaining the National Migration Registry Card (CRNM, formerly RNE), Individual Registration and the Other essential documents for permanent status and potential employment of the foreign spouse in the country.

When granting visas to foreigners who have family ties in Brazil by means of proof of family ties existing between a foreigner and a Brazilian, it is possible to request a permanent visa with a period of indefinite validity. Same-sex couples are most welcome!

Before starting this process, a document analysis is carried out to make sure that the process takes place quickly and reduces the possibility of rejection.

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