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M.W. Consultoria para Migrações

Passion. Experience. Commitment.

Our mission is to ensure that every foreigner knows their rights in Brazil.

MW Consultoria para Migrações is a social impact business that is a reference in the area of migration in Rio de Janeiro. 

With more than a decade of experience, we work through consultancy and provide services related to the topic of migration, such as visas, documentation and citizenship.

M.W. Consultoria para Migrações Associação Mawon
M.W. Consultoria para Migrações

The real solution will be when you

move from charity to sustainability. 

Muhammad Yunus - Peace Nobel Prize, 2006

Mawon Association

To give birth to a pioneering model, Mawon built a hybrid business system that incorporates two CNPJs – Association and Company – with different activities and objectives.

The revenue generated by the services of MW Consultoria para Migrações is directed to Associação Mawon, funding integration projects for migrants and/or refugees, such as Portuguese classes, employability and entrepreneurship programs, cultural fairs, in addition to acting in the field of public policies , dialoguing with important institutions such as UNHCR, IOM and Ceiparm.

M.W. Consultoria para Migrações

I also felt lost when I arrived in Brazil. I didn't know what to do or where to go. Based on the expertise I gained in the area of migration, I created Mawon so that no one would go through the same pain as me. In Brazil, nobody is illegal.

Melanie Montinard. French and CEO of MW Consultoria

Mélanie, in addition to 15 years of professional experience in the sector, has academic experience, having her PhD in Anthropology from the National Museum/UFRJ in studies on Haitian mobility. Today, he is doing his post-doctorate at PPGCOM/UFRJ on migratory dynamics in the Americas. 

We work in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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