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MW Consultoria para migração

We are by your side on your migratory journey.

If our services are of interest to you, we work in the form of consultancies or full services.

Você está no Brasil? | You are in Brazil? | Vous êtes au Brésil?
Você aceita receber o contato e mais infomações da M.W. Consultoria para Migrações? | Do you accept to receive contact and more information from M.W. Migration Consulting? | Acceptez-vous d'être contacté et de recevoir des informations supplémentaires de la part de M.W. Migration Consulting?

Thanks | Thank you | thank you

For more than 10 years, we have been offering transparency, agility and security in the application and follow-up of professional and family visas, requests for permanence and Brazilian naturalization.

In accordance with the mission, vision and values of MW Consultoria para Migrações and Associação Mawon, refugees and asylum seekers have reduced contract prices on all our services offered.

We are an associate member of France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce of Rio de Janeiro (CCFB-RJ).


If you are Legal person and want to talk to us about commercial partnerships, write to We are always open to chat.

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