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Visa Registration

A visa is a registration made in the passport of a citizen who expects to enter another territory. Visas are granted at embassies or consulates in the country you wish to migrate to. This registration certifies the applicant's authorization to enter the destination country.

For example: if you are from Portugal and want to travel to Brazil, you should look for the Brazilian embassy or consulate in Portugal.

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Types of Visas for Brazil

The New Migration Law No. 13,445/2017 stipulates that visas for Brazil can be of 5 types:

Visit Visa (or Tourist Visa)

The most common visa is granted to nationals of another country who travel to Brazil for stays of up to 90 days, without the aim of migrating or carrying out paid work. Your nationality and the respective bilateral agreements will determine the need for a visa to visit another country and the possibility of extension beyond 90 days.

Diplomatic Visa | Official Visa

Granted to foreign authorities and employees who have diplomatic status and travel to Brazil on an official mission, of a transitory or permanent nature, representing a foreign Government or International Organizations recognized by Brazil.

Courtesy Visa

Awarded to personalities  and  foreign authorities on an unofficial trip to Brazil; companions, regardless of gender, dependents and other family members who  do not benefit from a Diplomatic or Official Visa for family reunions.

Temporary Visa (or Temporary Residence Visa)

Granted to migrants whose journey includes the following natures:

1.    Academic researcher
2.    Health treatment 
3.    Humanitarian welcome 
4.    Student 
5.    Paid work 
6.    Working Holidays. Agreements in force with New Zealand, France and Germany
7.    Religious exercise
8.    Volunteer service
9.    Investors

10.    Activity of economic, scientific, technological or cultural relevance
11.    Family reunion
12.    Artistic and sporting activities

13.    International agreements
14.    Brazilian migration policy
15.    Medical Improvement

Attention: When obtaining a visa with your passport at the Embassy or Consulate, you have 90 days to travel in Brazil under penalty of loss of validity.

Visa registration and issuance of the CRNM

Once in Brazil, the person has 90 days to REGISTRATE the migrant with a Federal Police unit, so that their civil identification is carried out using biographical and biometric data. It is at this stage that the CRNM (National Migration Registry Card) is issued.


The CRNM is the migrant's identification document in Brazil, attesting to their regularization in the territory and allowing them to lead a civil life here, with access to rights and guarantees provided for by law.

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The incorrect use of terms on different websites confuses a lot of people when searching on the internet. From the moment the migrant is in Brazil, there is no longer any talk about a visa, only a residence permit and immigration registration.

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